What Is [Re]Build?

[Re]pairing Homes of families, seniors, differently-abled, and veterans. We are dedicated.

[Re]vitalizing Communities where we live, work and learn. We are devoted.

[Re]building Lives through raising awareness of the housing problems facing 1.65 million of our neighbors in need across the country. We are determined.

We are asking everyone who believes our neighbors deserve to live in safe and healthy communities to
pledge to be a [Re]Builder! Are you in?

Rebuilding Together Long Beach revitalizes communities and preserves affordable housing
by providing free critical home repairs, accessibility modifications and energy-efficient upgrades to our
older, differently-abled and veteran neighbors in need;
and by rallying neighborhoods, nonprofits and government to beautify public spaces, rehabilitate facilities and create safer communities.

Safe at Home


Improving the lives of our neighbors aged 62 and over.

Community Revitalization

everyone's working on the fence.jpg

Collaborating with neighbors to rejuvenate communities.

Healthy Homes


Improving the lives of our veteran, differently-abled and other neighbors in need.

“The people who care enough to help others and give of themselves. My mom can live in her own home and shower and use restroom independently. Giving her her dignity and freedom back. Thank you.”


Our Partners