Make a Difference Day 2014: U.S. Vets Inglewood


  • Upgrading two rooms with new furniture, flooring, and paint

The Story

Rebuilding Together Long Beach was gratified to be able to work with (national) partner DirecTV (HGTV/Scripps Network) to vastly update the U.S. VETS site in Inglewood, California. This U.S. VETS location was the first of several established across the country; it serves an average of 540 veterans every day. The work focused on two public areas of the complex: the Blue Room, the veterans’ primary informal meeting room; and the Multi-Purpose Room, used for group counseling, training sessions, and job interviews.

Tasks in the Blue Room involved removing the existing carpet and installing new vinyl composite tile; installing wood base molding; painting the walls, ceiling, and door; cleaning the windows and window coverings; installing a new cabinet in the service corner; cleaning light fixtures and changing out light bulbs; core drilling a wall for an A/C exhaust hood and installing a vent; cleaning the front door; and installing new couches, tables, and chairs.

Tasks in the Multi-Purpose Room comprised prepping the floor and installing new vinyl composite tile; removing existing molding and installing new molding and wainscoting; painting the walls; replacing broken and damaged ceiling tiles; replacing light bulbs; filling in an access hatch; installing a dry erase board; and installing new tables and chairs.

Employees of DirecTV provided the majority of the unskilled labor required; the Fuller Center for Housing, Masterworks Construction, and carpentry students from El Camino College and Orange Coast College all lent their skills to the project.

The following comment from a DirecTV employee sums up the feelings of all volunteers at project’s end: “Thanks for helping out our community and keep on going strong”.

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