Make a Difference Day 2013: Toya Thomas (Long Beach, CA)


  • Repair subfloor
  • Restore electrical power
  • Repair various plumbing problems

The Story

Toya Thomas, who lives with her brother, is able to work only about 16 hours a week as a caregiver for elderly individuals. Her income is extremely low; though her mobile home is paid for, if it were not for her brother’s financial contribution, she would be unable to afford the monthly space rent charges.

Ms. Thomas identified several areas that needed patching up in her home. Jon Thomsic of RTLB was able to repair the sagging subfloor area in the den and to restore full electrical power along one side of the living room. RTLB’s Pete Glaeser finished up by repairing various plumbing problems, including changing out some pipes under the mobile home, cleaning out other pipes, changing faucets and handles, and so forth.

MADD 2013 represented the second time RTLB had performed work for Ms. Thomas, and she continuously expresses her gratitude for the assistance we can provide her.