Make a Difference Day 2014: Roderick Maldonaldo


  • Repair collapsed subfloors
  • Patch leaks in roof

The Story

Mr. Maldonaldo lives alone in the 32-year old mobile home he shared with his parents until they passed away a few years ago. He has been employed as a cargo handler at LAX for the last twenty years, but his schedule is unpredictable and he rarely is called in for a full 40-hour week. As a result, his expenses generally exceed his average income by at least $24.00 per month.

Mr. Maldonaldo maintains his mobile home well, but he encountered two problems he could not overcome: The subfloor had collapsed in both the kitchen and the den/office. As a temporary measure, he had installed ¾” plywood over the areas (16 foot square in the kitchen and 10 foot square in the den/office) – a solution that kept him from falling through the floor but which presented major tripping hazards. And he had experienced leaks in the roof, which he was unable to repair.

RTLB was able to make these repairs easily and well. We engaged a group of carpentry students from El Camino College and Orange Coast College, who were thrilled at the opportunity to volunteer their service to one who needed it and who were also very good at handling the carpentry tasks involved! When we started patching the roof to fix the single leak Mr. Maldonaldo had noticed, we discovered several more questionable areas, and patched them all. And of course we added a smoke/carbon monoxide detector, following local regulations.

Mr. Maldonaldo made clear his intention to remain in this mobile home for a very long time, and we are pleased that we could make his home safe enough that he can do just that!

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