Make a Difference Day 2013: Angela Purifay (Long Beach, CA)


  • Replace backyard fence and side-yard gate
  • Replace garage entry door with broken window
  • Trouble-shoot and repair electrical circuit breaker

The Story

Mrs. Purifay had to work two jobs in order to purchase a safe and secure residence for herself and her teenage son some eight years ago. She kept her house and yards in immaculate condition, certain evidence of loving hands at work. Life was fine – until her mother became ill and needed care. At that point, Mrs. Purifay was forced to give up one of her jobs; in the process, she lost the ability to pay for needed repairs for her 74-year old home. And the list of necessary repairs kept growing: Neighbors were complaining about the rickety fence and gate, would-be burglars broke down the garage entry door, and the electrical circuit breaker kept tripping unexpectedly.

Enter RTLB Board Member David Roberts and his cohorts from the City of Long Beach Department of Public Works. This professional crew tore down the old fence and fashioned a new 20-foot long wooden fence, complete with new posts, new footings, and a new gate. They removed the broken entry door in the garage and installed a new door in its place. And they solved the problems with the electical circuit breaker that Mrs. Purifay had been experiencing.

The results are clear: Mrs. Purifay and her son are thrilled that they can once again live proudly and independently, in safety and security. One of the neighbors was so pleased to see RTLB at work that he brought a large sack of persimmons for the crew to munch on. And the Long Beach City employees thoroughly enjoyed the part they played in this rehab effort – just as they thoroughly enjoyed the lunch that was donated by El Cortez Restaurant!

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