Make a Difference Day 2013: Kathleen Pollard (Long Beach, CA)


  • Replace part of main sewer line
  • Replace concrete walkway
  • Paint living and dining rooms

The Story

Kathy and her husband Ronald were previous RTLB recipients. Ronald passed away a year ago, after being disabled for many years. During that time, Kathy was his full-time caregiver. Their daughter, Heather, a high school senior, is an exemplary student who has won many awards for her photographs, paintings, and literary works – including a very special award from President Bush. Since Ron’s death, Kathy has become involved with RTLB, attending meetings and working as a volunteer coordinator on National Rebuilding Day 2013. Last July, Kathy became the proud foster parent of Alfonso, a 19 year old with some very special needs. Even though he does not speak and is confined to a wheelchair much of the time, Alfonso is clearly florishing in the Pollard home, as evidenced by his continuous cheery attitude and winning smile.

RTLB had previously corrected some plumbing problems at the Pollard residence, but more work remained to ameliorate the situation in this 60-year old house. Under Pete Glaeser’s direction, SiteSol donated both the skilled labor and the equipment needed to excavate the front yard and replace some 20 feet of the main sewer line, and then to re-fill the yard and replace part of the concrete walkway from the sidewalk to the front door. While all this heavy construction work was going on outside the house, volunteers under the direction of Craig Goldenson and Deborah Slaney painted the living room and dining room. The interior work was required to rid the house of left-over odors from tobacco smoke, which proved detrimental to Alfonso’s health.

At day’s end, the volunteers knew they had made a real difference in helping to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the Pollard residence. As an added bonus, the lunch donated by the Fantastic Café was absolutely delicious! Pete declared that it was the very best meal he had eaten in the more than 15 years he has been associated with RTLB – and Alfonso certainly enjoyed each of his three helpings!

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