Make A Difference Day, Fall 2010: Pollard Residence (Long Beach, CA)


  • Shore Up Patio
  • Remove Cracked Slab
  • Build A Concrete Ramp
  • Replace Kitchen Window

The Story

Property that is in disrepair can often have an extended impact on people's lives. That was the case with Mr. Pollard, a permanently disabled homeowner who is confined to a wheelchair. Because his back yard patio was literally broken, and he was no longer able to get outside, he was recently diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency.

So on Make A Difference Day in October 2010, a team of employees from Atkinson Construction (who are normally building freeways), adopted this project and went to work. They repaired the patio, removed and replaced a cracked patio slab which was a hazard for Mr. Pollard, and built a concrete wheelchair access ramp at the kitchen door. Finally, volunteer carpenters replaced a broken window in the kitchen with a new one that let in more sunshine.

The effect on Mr. Pollard, who lives with his wife Kathleen and 14 year old daughter, was immediate and dramatic. Within minutes of his first foray down the ramp into his newly refurbished back yard, Kathleen reported that his mood and energy leaped up. In a letter to the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Kathleen thanked Rebuilding Together and the Atkinson team for making such a big difference for them, calling the work "a blessing from a fantastic group of people!"

Letter of appreciation from the Pollards*

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