Make a Difference Day 2013: Elsa McWilliams (Long Beach, CA)


  • Repair water damage in ceiling
  • Repair rear porch
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

The Story

Ninety-two year old Elsa McWilliams has some memory loss, heart problems, bad knees, and a replaced hip, and she is confined to a wheelchair. Her daughter, who lives with her and serves as her caregiver, is currently undergoing treatment for a recurrence of stage 4 metastic breast cancer. These are precisely the types of individuals we at RTLB want to assist!

Ms. McWilliams has lived in this house since 1953. She and her daughter manage to keep their home neat and clean – but the house has water damage in the living room ceiling, and shows signs of aging overall.

Jon Thomsic, RTLB’s über-handyman, assessed the situation rapidly. He repaired the living room ceiling, then texture-coated and painted it; he secured loose plywood on the rear porch; and he installed three smoke detectors and one carbon monoxide alarm. Now, the McWilliams family is assured of living in a safe and secure and healthy environment.