Make a Difference Day 2014: Henry Mitchell


  • Insulate ceiling and install drywall in the den.
  • Remove old carpeting and install new.

The Story

Henry Mitchell likes to boast that he’s two years younger than his 78-year old house. The mortgage payment on this home takes up almost one-half of Mr. Mitchell’s Social Security income. As a result, he has been forced to live with a range of major and minor repairs that affect both his health and his personal safety.

RTLB was able to muster a number of volunteers from Molina Health Care, Starbucks, Bank of America, and the International Association of Exhibits and Events to ameliorate these problems: In his den, we insulated the ceiling and installed drywall, making the room habitable; we remediated mold around his bathtub and then removed the existing wallpaper and painted the room; we removed old, worn, torn carpet in several rooms and replaced it with new, thus removing potential trip hazards; we installed a vent over his kitchen stove; and we repaired the floor heater in his living room so he no longer has to rely on his fireplace for heat.

El Pollo Loco Charities donated a delicious lunch for the volunteers. As is their wont, EPL actually donated considerably more than the volunteers could consume; and the volunteers were honored to be able to share their food with Mr. Mitchell.

One of the volunteers on the site had this to say: “It’s absolutely amazing the amount of immediate impact you can have on someone’s life, when you get that many hands on deck in just one day!” As the smile on his face shows, Mr. Mitchell deeply felt this “immediate impact”; he is extremely proud of his home and immensely grateful to the RTLB volunteers for ensuring that his home is safe and secure.

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