Make a Difference Day 2013: Liberty Hall (Long Beach, CA)


  • Repair/replace wheelchair ramp
  • Install grab bars in bath
  • Reinforce fascia and reattach electrical service wires
  • Install a seismic strap on the water heater
  • Install a light fixture in the hallway
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

The Story

As a result of a stroke Ms. Hall suffered several years ago, she has lost mobility on her right side, has difficulty speaking, and is wheelchair-bound. A friend acts as informal care-giver for her, and she shares her 63-year old home with two other individuals who apparently do not contribute financially to expenses. Ms. Hall is now paying all monthly expenses out of her savings account, which gets smaller every day.

Our collective RTLB heart went out to Ms. Hall as soon as we heard of her plight. Jon Thomsic, our super-handyman/electrician/jack-of-all-trades immediately went to work ameliorating the repairs Ms. Hall listed on her application, while adding several new safety elements to the list of tasks. Ms. Hall is now able to move through her house with relative ease, and feels much more comfortable as a result. Though she continues to suffer in ways that RTLB is not capable of relieving, we know we have in fact made a very real difference in her life, by ensuring that her home is safe and secure and accessible.

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