Make A Difference Day, Fall 2010: Dodge Residence (Long Beach, CA)


  • Backyard Cleanup per Code Enforcement Citation
  • Replace Rear Fence
  • Plumbing and Ceiling Repairs

The Story

Over 75 volunteers appeared shoulder to shoulder on Make A Difference Day in October 2010 to help an elderly Long Beach resident, Janet Dodge, deal with maintenance issues that she wasn't able to address by herself since the death of her husband. Mr. Dodge had accumulated a backyard full of tires, car parts, and some hazardous materials, such as paint and computer parts. The City had cited Janet for the yard. In addition, her backyard fence was collapsing and unsafe.

Student volunteers from Long Beach City College, led by their Carpentry instructor Max Pena, spent the day building an entirely new backyard fence. Meanwhile, volunteers from the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) and other volunteers filled a large commercial dumpster with debris from the backyard. Several loads of hazardous materials and e-waste were also safely removed during the major clean-up effort.

Inside the home, skilled volunteers repaired a damaged hall ceiling which had left the house vulnerable to the outside elements, and repaired the kitchen sink and disposal which had been inoperable for several months.

The result: An elderly homeowner now enjoys a little more peace of mind, safety, and security!

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