Assisting Non-Profits: Christian Outreach in Action (Long Beach, CA)


  • Interior painting
  • Exterior concrete work
  • Install light fixtures

The Story

Christian Outreach in Action (COA) is a non-denominational non-profit that’s been serving Long Beach residents for well over a quarter century. They feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, provide spiritual support to the emotionally weak, and teach skills necessary for reaching and sustaining self-sufficiency. Feeding the hungry is perhaps COA’s most time-consuming and crucial service: They provide a warm meal, twice a day, five days a week to any man, woman, or child who crosses their doorstep – numbers which total close to 100,000 meals each year – and they serve special holiday meals throughout the year, delivering holiday baskets to those unable to visit their facility. COA also provides groceries twice a week to numerous families, and they provide clothing, furniture, and even toys to those in need.

In 2011 and 2012, RTLB carried out major renovations on COA’s kitchen area and added a new ADA bathroom. This highly-skilled work was performed courtesy of generous donations from Clark Construction, one of the largest building and construction firms in the United States. The donation was facilitated by Diane Anglin, Past President of RTLB. While the Clark crew was occupied on most days building the new Long Beach City Hall, they willingly took on the challenge of simultaneously renovating COA.

On National Rebuilding Day 2013, under the direction of Board Member Bill Leisy, RTLB called on volunteers from local Smart and Final stores (including the Regional Manager) to paint various interior areas and to pour concrete in an outside area. Jon Thomsic of RTLB added several light fixtures to improve visibility in the conference room and distribution area. In July 2013, COA held an open house to show off the results of the renovations and repairs completed by Clark and RTLB.

COA’s challenges are to encourage and motivate struggling families and individuals toward secure, independent, and decent lives while offering access to the daily needs of so many who live in Long Beach. We at RTLB share COA’s commitments, and we are proud to have made it a little easier for COA to meet their challenges through the rehabilitation of their facility.

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