Assisting Non-Profits
California Aquatic Therapy & Wellness Center (Long Beach, CA)


  • Scrape, sand, prime and paint interior and exterior
  • Remediate mold and mildew
  • Install ventilation fans

The Story

This non-profit’s missions are to promote wellness and to improve the quality of life for individuals with health needs in an accessible warm-water aquatic facility. Their clients are the elderly and those with disabilities, all of whom are very low-income. 75% are seniors suffering from arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, stroke, limited mobility, chronic pain, orthopedic conditions, or morbid obesity; 25% are children who suffer from conditions such as cerebral palsy, brain injury, autism, Downs Syndrome, and spina bifida. In their 50 years of existence, the California Aquatic Center has provided in excess of one million therapy sessions – a fact that has taken a toll on their facility.

The most pressing need involved interior and exterior painting: The indoor pools are kept at a constant 94 degrees, which caused significant amounts of chlorinated vapor to corrode the paint on the walls. The exterior concrete block walls needed some attention, as their deteriorated condition allowed outside moisture to creep inside. Finally, to deal with the high indoor humidity, the break room and bathrooms desperately needed ventilation fans installed, with simultaneous mildew and mold abatement.

RTLB was extremely fortunate that Boeing employees took on the Aquatic Center as one of their volunteer projects. Over 75 enthusiastic Boeing staff brought their expertise to the fore: They scraped, they sanded, they primed, they painted. They remediated mold and mildew, they tackled electrical wiring eccentricities and carpentry mysteries, and they installed ventilation fans. And they carried out all these tasks swiftly, skillfully, and with great good cheer.

The result is that the Aquatic Center’s overall appearance is greatly improved, and it can now provide a much healthier and more pleasant environment for its many clients. The Boeing volunteers and all of us at RTLB were most gratified to have played a part in this transformation.

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